City Market To-Go: Market Rules

·       You must pre-order items to come to the market. There are no orders being taken at the market. Only customers with order receipts will be allowed to come to the market.

·       If you of a member of your household is ill stay home. We can issue refunds. It is paramount that we keep everyone safe.

·       Remain in your car. For the health and safety of you and our staff and vendors we ask that you remain in your car.

·       Speed limit: 5 mph. This ensures the safety of our staff and your fellow customers.

·       Pull into a parking space by Key Recreation Center for loading. Market staff will read your name plate on your windshield and fetch your order from inside the Rec Center.


Key's Corner To-Go: Market Procedure

1.    Make your name card. Write/print your name (LAST NAME, First name) in bold on a regular 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and post it to your windshield or visor.

2.    Stop at the market lot entrance. A staff member will direct you to park along the Key Recreation Center to collect your order.

4.    Pop your trunk from within your car or unlock you rear hatch. A member of market staff will open your trunk in prepartion for loading. 

5.  Staff will fetch your order, place it in your trunk, and close it for you. 

6.    Once your order is completely loaded and your trunk closed you may proceed to exit the parking lot and pull onto Market Street.


Key's Corner To-Go: Traffic Map