City Market To-Go: Market Rules

·       You must pre-order items to come to the market. There are no orders being taken at the market. Only customers with order receipts will be allowed to come to the market.

·       If you of a member of your household is ill stay home. We can issue refunds. It is paramount that we keep everyone safe.

·       Remain in your car. For the health and safety of you and our staff and vendors we ask that you remain in your car.

·       Speed limit: 5 mph. This ensures the safety of our staff and vendors. It also enables you to spot you vendor before you pass them by.

·       Pull alongside your vendors spot for loading. Vendors will have pull of loading zones for customers that have purchased from them. Pull off to the side so you may allow traffic to flow in the main concourse. Patience is key.

·       Please do not converse with vendors. In the interest of safety and time please refrain from engaging in conversation with vendors. A simple smile and wave will go miles to brighten their day.

·       Familiarize yourself with your producers you have ordered from. You can find these on your order receipts. Vendors will be organized alphabetically. A market map is attached at the end of this newsletter. There are some exceptions; consult the market lineup at the end of this newsletter.


City Market To-Go: Market Procedure

1.    Make your name card. Write/print your name (LAST NAME, First name) in bold on a regular 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and post it to your windshield or visor.

2.    Stop at the market lot entrance. A staff member will issue you a name card to display on your dash to assist our vendors locate your order.

3.    Show your receipt/state your name to a member of staff as you enter  market. You can either print your receipt or bring it up on your phone and display it through your window.

4.    Pop your trunk from within your car or unlock you rear hatch. Your trunk will remain open as you drive through the market to reduce the touch-points as you receive you orders.

5.  Pull in to the loading zone for vendors from which you have ordered. This allows for safe loading and allows for other customers to pass while you are stopped. Carefully merge back into traffic when your order is loaded.


6.    Stop at the exit of the market lot. A member of staff will close your trunk for you and disinfect your handle.


City Market To-Go: Traffic Map