What makes City Market To-Go different from the traditional City Market?

Key's Corner To-Go is a drive thru only market, all sales must be pre-purchased online using the Lulus Local Food platform. No browsing of vendors’ booths or pedestrian traffic. We have pivoted to this model in the interest of public health.


How is the City Market able to operate during Governor Northam's "Stay At Home" order?

Governor Northam's "Stay At Home" order pertains to any discretionary travel. Under Governor Northam's "Order 53" farmers markets are considered essential food services which enables markets to operate as delivery or take-out services with extra caution to reduce the amount of touchpoints and crowds. Customers are allowed to travel to markets because they are classified as an essential service.


What safety measures are in place?

Please vist our "COVID-19" page located at the top of the site.


How often does City Market To-Go opperate?

City Market To-Go will operate on a weekly basis at 100 E. Water Steet on Saturdays, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, begining April 10. Customers are required to sign up for 30 minute pick up times available in the shop.


How do I order from Key's Corner To-Go?

Buying Period Start

Mondays, 12:01 AM

Buying Period End

Thursday, 10:00 AM

First, you must register an account. Click the "Customers" icon on the homepage and select your pick up location. Select a membership; either a $5.00 yearly memebership to support the City Markets or choose a free yearly membership. You will be billed your membership fee on your first order.

Once you have registered you may being shoping by selectin "Shop" at the top of the page or the "Shop" icon on the homepage. Select a pick up time from the available slots and make your selections from our participating vendors and checkout using the cart icon on the top right of the page. All payments are processed through Pay Pal.


I forgot to add a timeslot. How do I add one to my order?

To add a timeslot to your order simply go to the shop and select a timeslot by adding it to your cart (and add whatever additional products you like) and proceed to checkout. All your orders for the pickup location you have selected for that week will be agrigated when we print your orders.


May receipt says my pickup time is 8:00 AM but I selected a different timeslot?

The platform is not currently embedded with a function for timeslots so we had to manually enter timeslots in to the shop. The 8:00am pickup time that displays on your order confirmation just points to the general opening of the market not your selected timeslot. We are referencing timeslots that appear in your itemized reciept only.


How do I pick up my order?

  1. Make a nametag (LAST NAME, First name) on a 8.5 x 11 piece of legal paper to display in your windshield. You may attach your nametage to your visor or windshield so our producers can anticipate customers as they approach. The use of a nametag limits your exposure and that of the vendors when picking up an order.
  2. Consult the market map to get accustomed to the market traffic layout. Customers MUST enter from South Street at the intersection of Main and Ridge.
  3. Arrive at the market at your designated pick up time slot. Speed limit is 5 mph
  4. A member of market staff will pop your truck when you reach the market entrance.
  5. Proceed around the market lot, stopping at vendors you have purchased from.
  6. Prior to exiting the lot on to South Street a staff member will close your trunk.


There are items missing from my order. What should I do?

Please email citymarket@charlottesville.org with your name, order number, and the items missing. We will connect you with the producer to find a solution or issue credit to your account for the missing items.


I am not able to maket it to the market to pick up my order. What should I do?

Please email citymarket@charlottesville.gov with the reason you are not able to make it to market.

If you do not contact City Market Management before noon (12PM) Saturday and fail to pick up your order you will forfeit your order and no refund will be issued. Many of the items sold through our shop are perishable and unable to be recycled into inventory if they are not picked up. 


When will the City Market return to normal operations?

At this time there is no diffinitve timeline for when normal City Market operations will resume. The situation around COVID-19 is constantly evolving. We are monitoring the situation closely and will resume normal operation when it is safe for the public to congregate.